A time for reflection, a time for action

Drinking tea offers us a moment to reflect.  At Ahmad Tea, when we stop to enjoy our own products, we often think about the countries from where our products come or to where they are sold.

But we don’t stop there.  We feel it is our ethical mission to act, to help where we can.  We are proud that our significant international presence allows us to become involved in good causes in many of the countries we work with.

We make regular donations to charitable organisations in Britain and we respond to specific emergencies, such as the tsunami relief programme in Sri Lanka after the disaster of December 2004.

But the focus of our international effort is in our sponsorship and support of orphanages in Mali, Russia, Sri Lanka and Ukraine.  It is an area we try to help with and we encourage our distributors and customers to do so too.

We are proud of the work we have managed to do over the years.
It’s never enough, but it is something positive to reflect upon.