Providing help, promoting self-sufficiency, preventing the need

Since 2002, we have worked with many orphanages, helping orphans and other vulnerable children, supplying practical assistance and support.
We have also encouraged orphanages to raise their own funds, and have produced a marketing booklet for guidance on fundraising.

The aims of our programme are twofold. Firstly, we want to improve the living conditions, educational opportunities and general quality of life of the children. To this end, we organise the renovation of buildings, the installation of new bathroom and medical facilities, the enhancement of educational equipment and provision, as well as transportation for trips and tours.

In doing so, we aim to purchase refurbishment supplies and renovation services from the surrounding communities to help the local economy. We also encourage the orphanages to provide socialisation training for the children, so that they can lead independent adult lives when they leave. We do this, for example, by purchasing equipment to further their sports, metalworking, sewing or farming skills.

We have worked with orphanages in the Smolensk, Leningrad and Kastrama regions to sponsor teachers from regional schools to provide extra tuition for the children, so that they can achieve the national standards required to access higher education.

Secondly, we want to raise local awareness of these institutions, hopefully leading to greater interaction, deeper understanding and more regular support from the community.

Encouraging self-sufficiency

We feel it is important for the orphanages and children’s homes to be able to raise their own funds, be self-sufficient and more in control of their own destinies. The potential for raising money is good, as the idea of helping less fortunate young people is appealing. We have therefore introduced a booklet entitled, “Marketing and Fundraising for Orphanages.”

This support also includes knowledge sharing amongst welfare officials and education specialists on how to protect the best interests of the child. Ahmad Tea supports seminars and workshops in order to develop knowledge of these child protection mechanisms.