Sri Lanka

Committed to the communities that supply our tea

Our work in Sri Lanka is a good example of Ahmad Tea’s determination to give something back to the communities that help to supply our products. We are proud of the work we have acheived here and continue to give our support. Amongst the varied projects we have undertaken, we have assisted with the construction and furnishment of  a three-storey classroom for Puttlam Erukkalampiddy Maha Vidyalaya, which was completed in May 2010. In addition, we have provided daily lunch and milk for students in Dimbulagala Medagama School since 2008.

As well as eduction, Ahmad Tea has focused on improving healthcare facilities, especially at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Maharagama the main publically funded Cancer Hospital. We have donated medical equipment such as flow cytometer, multi-system monitors, infusion pumps and ventilators. We have also supplied monthly drugs and laboratory tests for the very needy children in the Pediatric Unit of the NCI. As well as advanced medical equipment, there is also a need to improve basic facilities. To this end, we have financed and constructed several washrooms for adult wards in the NCI.

In 2011, we begin the redevelopment of the NCI and hope to create partnerships in order to promote public health awareness, nutrition and education for both staff and patients as well as their family members.