Heartfelt help

Ahmad Tea has been engaged in charitable work in Ukraine since 2002, undertaking over hundred different projects.

Our main focus is on orphanages and schools. We have supported the children in their social and educational development, organising extra courses to enable students to continue their studies, providing laboratory equipment and organising guided tours to broaden the children’s horizons. We also encourage the orphanages to provide socialisation training for the children, so that they can lead independent adult lives when they leave. We do this, for example, by purchasing equipment to further their sports, metalworking, sewing or farming skills.

We have also helped the students in their daily lives by providing furniture, arranging for repairs to be made, and organising transport. We have purchased sports equipment, organised and paid for trips, and bought and installed new medical equipment.

Assistance for visually impaired children

In addition to the work with the boarding schools, we have supported the “Right of Choice” Centre, where visually impaired children from all over Ukraine are brought, to experience and benefit from various specialist equipment, such as the dry swimming pool, sensory ball, specialised books and the electric Bryler’s machine.

We were also able to assist in raising funds for a much-needed operation for a girl born with a heart defect. With the support of her classmates and tutors, fourteen-year-old Maria made a full recovery.

As well as material things, our Charity Manager in the Ukraine, has organised educational displays in each of the orphanages, that warn the children of the threat of drug and alcohol abuse and AIDS.